For Retailers

The new Made to Measure service for retail organizations

More Profit, Less Effort, More Enjoyment, Better Products.

Tailored also offers its services to retailers and aims to expand its Points of Sale within Europe in the year 2020. Contact us to set up a meeting and we’ll come to your store to show you our product.

Tailored was founded on the belief that deriving a custom suit from a standard pattern is simply not correct. But it’s not just that - we were also founded on the belief that Made to Measure should be easier to use. To us, it makes no sense that retailers who use manufacturer’s Made to Measure systems basically have to be tailors themselves. They have to identify issues in the costumer’s posture and figure, and then tell the manufacturer what to do. With Tailored, it’s the other way around. We are the experts. We are well trained and experienced bespoke tailors, and with our algorithm in hand, we can accurately predict from body measurements alone, whether someone is stooping, erect, has a disproportionally large chest or back, a round back or pronounced blades, and many more things. That means that you, and your employees, can focus on what matters most - which is to sell your product. Specialized employees are also no longer required - you can hire based on sales talent rather than knowledge of tailoring.

We aim to change the way a retailer orders. The workflow we offer is aimed at making sure the sale you just made, has already been sent to the manufacturer the moment you shake your customer’s hand and wave goodbye. The way we make that possible is as follows; Our order system is responsive, so you’re able to use it on any screen. Whether you are on a laptop, a phone, a tablet, a desktop - you’re able to access and use our order system. Besides being responsive, we have made sure that everything is Human Readable, meaning no strange codes or combinations of codes to simply choose a color for your monogram. Red is Red, not ‘019/F-288’. Those codes still exist of course, but are left over to our back-end systems where they belong. Because the interface is clear, clean, responsive, and easy to use, we recommend you fill the order together with the customer. We even offer a white label service so that you can change accent colors and have your own logo visible. With Tailored, you can increase your profit due to less administration, less alterations, and Made to Measure can turn into something truly enjoyable.

One Measurement Set, All our Products

Just measure your customer, and order any product in our catalog from that same set of body measurements.

No need for sizing sets

Because our product is based on body measurements, you do not need to invest €3000,- to €4000,- in sizing sets. Sign up, receive a starter kit, start measuring and selling.

Live Validation of Measurements

Our measurement input page validates your measurements on the fly. If you make a mistake, we’ll correct it for you.

Revolution in the Retail Market

More Profit, Less Effort, More Enjoyment, Better Products.


Dynamic patterns drafted the bespoke way


Unique measuring and patternmaking system


Intuitive, visual and white label web-app order system


Easy to teach, easy to use, better results and higher profits


Take measurements in just 15 minutes

3D Scanning

100% ready and compatible with 3D body scanners

Plug and Play

No fitting knowledge required


Sustainable manufacturing facilities in Portugal