Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: February 12, 2020

Phone: +31850478015


Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Is there a house style?

No, there is not. One of the goals of Tailored is, as opposed to the common practice of using proven block patterns, is that it will allow a much greater degree of flexibility in styling; we would like to think we can achieve the same degree of flexibility as you would have when visiting a bespoke tailor. Also, the system needs to be usable not only in Europe, but also in the US and Canada, as well as Asia and other markets so we need to be able to cater to the different builds as well as tastes.

Where do you manufacture?

Both our shirts and suits are produced in Portugal, at Afonso and Davion respectively. We aim to start producing in Italy as well in 2020, for a higher end quality (and price).

What grades of make do you offer?

We offer Half canvas and Full canvas garments. We do not offer a fused garment at this point in time.

Do you offer any handmade options?

Our Full Canvas product has a few operations which are done by hand, such as attaching the sleeve lining to the body.

Can you integrate with XYZ?

We are an IT company first and foremost and if the application you want to link to our application has a well documented API, then the answer is yes, probably.