Made for You

Custom clothing based on your own Personal Pattern

The price of Made to Measure, a fit that approaches Bespoke

Tailored has developed an algorithm that drafts a bespoke quality pattern, for use in Made to Measure suits. We’ve poured decades of hands-on bespoke drafting knowledge into our algorithm and the result is a fit that approaches bespoke but at the price of Made to Measure. Founded in 2016, we are now ready for a large-scale beta test and will offer our product at a heavily discounted price. We are looking for bodies that break our algorithm, as every time it does, we improve it.

Our initial tests have been very promising and we need to start beta testing this in the wild. We are offering a very limited number of fabrics (in order to control for variables) to be made into suits that are Made To Measure using a Bespoke quality pattern, made individually to your own measurements, at a deeply-discounted rate. The only requirement is that you be within driving distance of Amsterdam, as one of our partners will come measure you, and you need to consent to being photographed as part of our testing of 3D scanning technology. We are particularly interested in difficult fits and people who will break our system- it improves every time we make a garment.

We aim to change the way consumers experience Made to Measure. Less alterations after delivery, a much better fit in terms of comfort, and less restrictions to applying your own taste to your garment. Order anything from a soft, unstructured Neapolitan jacket, to a high roped British double breasted suit.

One Measurement Set, All Products

Get measured once, and order any product in our catalog from that same set of body measurements.

Less Alterations

Because our algorithm generates a bespoke quality pattern based on your measurements, less alterations are needed to perfect your garment.

No Blocks

Complete stylistic freedom, the style of the garment is up to you.

The Digital Bespoke Tailor

Your own personal pattern, generated directly from your body measurements.


Dynamic patterns drafted the bespoke way


Unique measuring and patternmaking system


Take measurements in just 15 minutes


Sustainable manufacturing facilities in Portugal